• What are the operating hours of VHA Airport Bus?

    VHA Airport Bus Shuttle operating hours are from 05:30AM to 07:00PM and can be booked online. If travelling outside these normal operating hours, email or call for seats availability and to make firm booking. Please refer to the Prices TAB for Table of Surcharge price guidance.

  • What is the earliest pickup time from Airport to City?

    Our earliest shuttle from airport and from city is at 04:30 AM. We may be able to pick you up earlier or later, but please contact us for booking availability.

  • What areas do VHA Airport Shuttle service?

    VHA Shuttle service from Tullamarine Airport, Melbourne CBD 3000 (Central Business District Area) North Melbourne 3051, West Melbourne 3003, Docklands 3008, Parkville 3052, Carlton3053, East Melbourne 3002, Southbank 3006, South Warf 3006, St Kilda RD 3004 and Queens Rd 3004 down to Lorne St, St Kilda 3182, South Yarra 3141, Richmond 3121, Albert Park 3206, South Melbourne 3205, Port Melbourne 3207 and Fitzroy 3065(conditions apply)

  • Does VHA Airport Shuttle service any other areas of the Suburbs aside those mention on the website?

    Yes on request and we also do private transfers. .

  • Where will I be picked up from the airport?

    Melbourne Airport do not allow any bus driver to leave their buses unattended. Please call from your mobile phone or any payphone at the airport to contact VHA AIBPORTBUS operations to call the next available bus to blue bus stand GROUPS & CHARTERED located at the pickup Zone L. Please refer to the Pickup location map above.

    The blue bus stand GROUPS & CHARTERED is located at the Forecourt (between International Terminal 2 and Park Royal Hotel). Please wait at Groups and Charters Bus Stand where you can see the 20 foot tall white MELBOURNE structure.

  • How long would it take us to wait for our shuttles coming from the airport?

    This depends on airport drive traffic situation. Your bus will arrive within 5-10 minutes or less, airport traffic congestion pending.

  • Do you provide baby seat, capsule or booster if needed?

    Yes Baby Seat and Capsule for $15, Pram at $10/day for a minimum of 7 days, a deposit of $300 is required for Pram.

  • Where will I be picked up and dropped off at my hotel?

    You will be directly drop and pickup from the hotel door steps or your residence entrance subject to safe traffic conditions.

  • Where will I be dropped off at the airport?

    Blue Bus Stand GROUPS & CHARTERED, located at ZONE L of Airport Forecourt (between International Terminal 2 and Park Royal Hotel). Please refer to Airport pickup location Map above.

  • Do I have to change buses at a Transfer station?

    No, this is a DOOR TO DOOR service shuttle airport transfer and there is no WAITING at any transfer Station.

  • What should I do if a problem arise?

    You can call +6185600915 (9AM to 5PM) for assistance.

  • Can I book a shuttle in an emergency?

    Yes. Subject to availability. Early booking is prefer due to logistical reason.

  • Can I negotiate a better price for a group booking?

    Yes you can. Group bookings gets a 2% discount off the published fare for return booking.

  • Can I be given any refund in case we would not need the transfers anymore?

    Cancellation in excess of 72 hours refunded 100% of charges received minus processing fee of 10% or $10 whichever is the greater. Cancellation under 72 hours, with more than 48 hours' notice given incurs 50% penalty. Cancellation less than 48 hours will incur a NIL refund. Cancellation charges apply to each booking.

  • Can we pay cash instead of paying it online?

    Yes you can, but we still need a valid credit card number and expiry date to act as a guarantee.

  • How come some of the prices quoted are different from the regular price found on the website?

    Our prices from St Kilda Rd & Queens Rd are more due to the additional service delivery compared to Melbourne Central Business District(CBD).

  • What happens if my flight is delayed and arrives after 07:00PM.

    Unless there is prior arrangement, we may not be able to pick you up after 07:00PM. Additional surcharge applies, see Outside Operating Hours Surcharges applies from 5:30AM to 7:00PM. Call for any requirement to hold the bus for you.

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